Credit Card Information.

  Credit Card information is not stored on our site or our servers.  We have a hard enough time keeping our own personal information strait.  There is an option to check out as a guest. 

Your Personal Information

  Not a chance this will be shared with anyone or any agency Marketing or otherwise.  We will not "sell" your information once obtained.  We hate spam calls and e-mail as much as you do.  The only communication you will receive is directly from us with an option to opt out of future communication.  Simply e mail us at manycoolthings@gmail.com so confirm the removal of your information.

Shipping Terms

  Typically we shop any and all packages within 24 hours of your order placement.  If there will be a delay in shipping, you will be notified through e-mail personally with the estimated time of shipment. 

Return Policy

  Item must be received in the same condition it was shipped.  Once received back, we will refund your account. 

Received an item you didn't order

  Don't panic!  Send us an e-mail so we can address the issue and un-sink the ship. 


  100% the most important thing in life hands down.  If we don't hear from you, we don't know how to help. 

Find It Missions

  We go on these all the time.  Send us a list of what you  are looking for.  We will help you look. 


  Yes we have an eBay account.  many.cool.things  Be sure to look for our logo to confirm you have the right listings.